Thursday, March 14, 2013

Jumping into the deep end, again

Back in the days of yore, the ancient days from 2004-2009, I had a blog that focused on knitting, but I let it lapse. I think traces can still be found floating around cyberspace if you look hard enough. It was a lot of work. It takes time to find interesting ways to present knitting projects and I grew weary of trying to be humorous and engaging while at the same time visually creative. Fatigue set in and other things came into my life that absorbed my blogging energy.

You would imagine that once burned, twice shy. Right?

It turns out I am a slow learner.

So here I will be, writing about my other obsession -- books. If you know me, you know I read constantly, across a variety of genres. Conversations with friends are frequently about what we are reading and what might interest them as they look for their next book. With a blog I can just say, "the other day I posted a review of xxxx on my blog, you should check it out."

That's the nice, altruistic interpretation. If you read between the lines, what I mean is that I love to ramble on about books, I want people to read something I write and, if I am lucky, I might even be reputable enough to score some pre-publication books to read. Yes, I am that shallow.

So here I go...

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